Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Studio - Sounds Grand.

It sounds pompous (at least to me) but I can't help feeling good each time I say this. I used to have a huge table back in the Philippines. But transplanting myself has led to my tools and materials being moved from place to place.

To finally, get plenty of rich sunlight, a big table that looks like it has seen better days. To have the kind of tools I now have - from Beadsmith (pliers and cutters) Xuron (flush cutters), my own Lortone tumbler (hooray!!!), soldering torch, firebrick, stamp, the prerequisite hammers, and steel blocks. To have my selection of semi precious beads and precious metals right there, instead of packing and unpacking.

What a luxury. . . . it all seems to me. What a necessity -- I think because it is the kind of worklife I am aiming for. What a blessed life I live.

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