Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wear Jewelry - wear Art!

My odessey (fancy word for journey) towards becoming a handmade, wired jewelry artist is a fascinating, sometimes frustrating, challenging but almost always a pleasurable one.

I don't regret one second of the times spent learning, even if the mistakes have been costly at times. I soon found out that learning the lesson worked out to my benefit.

I have always enjoyed the flow of silence whenever my hands and the rest of my body are gainfully engaged in creating something of value out of my hands.

I used to cut and sew my dolls dresses when I was 7 years old. I remember being firmly dissuaded from becoming a dressmaker because I was supposed to pursue a college degree.

I remember in my 4th year in high school placing "cosmetologist" as the primary career and the guidance counselor telling me that I was better suited to becoming a lawyer.

Wanting to design, and create -- I have it running in my veins. My maternal grandmother, my paternal grandmothers' elder sister, and a favorite cousin of my mom (Auntie Raquel) were not only well known dressmakers, they certainly were successful in carving out a career in this field.

I remember -- in college just wanting earrings that were "me". So, when I saw a pair of shells at one of the beaches, I cleaned this. Painted it gold and attached studs to the inside of the shells. I felt special, whimisical and free.

I love the feel of metal as I twist, turn, hammer, cut, and file it away. I love creating combinations and seeing a design I have become wearable art.

I am fascinated by the different combinations of beads and colors. How a design becomes elegant, or organic looking just by hammering it a certain way.

This blog details my present journey. . .

I will be sharing my buying experiences of how and where I bought my beads (yep,, yep, and firemountain

The best prices I have gotten for metals. My fascination with these and other aspects of my business I go on to learn, and reap the benefits.

I am so excited in the journey I am currently in.

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